Big Bang Thinking…

We’re all about the big idea. The reach out and grab you by the scruff of the neck idea that forces an audience to sit up and take notice. That sparks a conversation or fuels an opinion. Ideas that help our clients stand out from the crowd, clearly communicate what they stand for and compel customers to stand by their side.
We know it takes more than just a pretty logo and a great looking website to make your business successful. Atom’s powerful approach to integrated branding and communications excels at helping companies to find their voice and to tell their story. Delivering outstanding results with massive impact, we’re the difference between being listened to and being heard!
We think strategically. We analyze. We ask the right questions. We do our research – both customer and competitor and take the guesswork out of where your brand should go next. We turn our raw insights into precise strategic ideas that provide a roadmap to your future – detailed, specific and practical. With that in our pocket, we can deliver outstanding creative results that refuse to be ignored.

Why Choose Us

      • We love pushing the boundaries in everything we do
      • We are expert at integrating traditional and online media
      • We’re grounded: unpretentious, plain speaking and grown-up
      • We deliver solutions for complex problems that add real value
      • We build lasting relationships – our clients stick around; forever

Our Happy Clients